22 2014 Dec

Sunless Spray Tanning Supplies and Airbrush Tan Equipment

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Spray Tan Solutions


Spray Tan Solution and sunless tanning supplies are nothing new to Kahuna Bay Companies.  As leaders in the spray tanning industry they supply top quality Spray Tan Solutions, Airbrush Tanning Supplies and Sunless Tanning Equipment to salons and spas all over the world. With top Name Brands like Kahuna Bay Tan, Norvell Sunless Tanning, California Tan, Fuji spray and MaxiMist spray tan Machines and the list goes on…..

Spray tan over spray extraction booths are a big hit in many salons for safety and the high end look you get with one. They provide easy clean up and the ease of not having to breath in the over spray given of from HVLP tanning guns. Spray Tan Solutions and supplies by Kahuna Bay Tan have become the standard in the industry and provide a sunless tan that looks very natural and is made with the finest natural and organic ingredients. We suggest trying them and compare to what you are using now!

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1 2014 Jul

Getting Training to Use an Airbrush Tanning System

artesian tan blog 1 6-3-14My aunt would like it if I was able to cover for her at her tanning salon on certain weekend days when she would like to have a bit of time away from her shop. As is, she has to come in every single day even if I come to help because I cannot actually do the spray tanning part of working at the business. My aunt would like it if I learned this portion.

In order to work at her tanning salon and actually cover for her, I will need to get certified in spray tanning and attend a class that will teach me how to use an airbrush tanning system. I am not entirely sure that I want to become certified just yet, but I do want to help my aunt more. I’m just worried that if I am certified to perform spray tans she’ll want me working there a lot more.

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27 2014 Mar

Trying Out the New Airbrush Tanning System

artesian tan blog 2 3-24-14My aunt will have her new airbrush tanning salon up and running in April, which is just in time for customers to start rolling in to start up their spring tanning. Her storefront location looks awesome now, except for several boxes that are still scattered around the store waiting to be unpacked. She has just one more week before she opens.

Yesterday, she invited me over to try out the new airbrush tanning system that she bought. Her old one was fine for when she was just doing spray tans on friends in her basement, but this one is much better quality. The tanning system makes the tanning solution go on really evenly. I was very impressed by how my tan turned out.

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9 2014 Jan

Buying Airbrush Tanning Systems

artesian tan blog 2 1-06-14Whether you own a business interested in adding airbrush tanning or are someone who wants to do their own at home spray tan, one of the first steps will be choosing an airbrush tanning system. Spray tans are far better for you than tanning booths and the systems are a lot cheaper to maintain, purchase, and continue using for several years.

Airbrush tanning systems do not usually cost more than a few hundred dollars. They pay for themselves quickly if you get customers to use them at your business. At home, these systems can save you a lot of money that you might spend on tanning at a gym or a spray tanning business. You can just use water to clean the machine, which will lower maintenance costs.

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24 2013 Dec

The Benefits of Airbrush Tanning

artesian tan blog 12-23-13When I first heard about artificial tanning, I have to admit that I was skeptical. It seemed weird to actually paint your skin to be a certain color. I didn’t understand why someone would want to. Eventually, I learned about the effects that real sun or tanning booth exposure can have on your skin. In addition to possibly causing cancer, sun exposure can make your skin age more quickly.

While airbrush tanning may not be as nice as laying in the sun on a summer day, it can give you the same tan look without the negative affects. This means that you won’t have to worry about cancer or wrinkles. It also eliminates those weird tan lines. I say if you’re going to tan, you should at least do so in the safest way possible.

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17 2013 Dec

The Best Airbrush Tanning Systems

Artesian tan blog 1 12-16-13Spray tanning has become a better option since the discovery that tanning in the sun or a tanning booth can lead to skin cancer. This option is better, because it can actually make your skin healthier and it manages to cover your entire body without leaving weird lines. You can usually go to a business that offers spray tanning or buy a system to use at home.

If you are interested in owning your own system, you can usually find airbrush tanning systems online. The best systems are not always the ones that are most expensive. Make sure to choose a system that offers the features that are most important to you. With a home tanning system, you can save money in the long run, so you shouldn’t worry too much about the initial costs.

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24 2013 Sep

Using Airbrush Tanning Systems from Autumn to Spring

Spray_Tanning_MALE-470x315In the summer, I tend to spend a lot of time outside whether I’m playing sports, going to the beach, going swimming, or just hanging out in the sun with my friends. I become very outdoorsy when it’s nice out, but where I live, every season other than summer tends to be cloudy and gloomy and I spend a lot more time indoors than I would when it’s nice out.

I’ve noticed that my skin tends to get really pale in any season that’s not summer. Since I spend so much time indoors during the other months, I’ve become reliant on airbrush tanning systems to make me look my best. I know that I look best when I have a tan; whether that’s a real tan or a spray tan doesn’t matter, because I’ve been told they both look good on me.

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21 2013 May

Airbrush Tanning Systems for the Claustrophobic

00002-1_LG(1)For as long as I can remember, I have had a serious case of claustrophobia. I get nervous even walking into my closet or a walk-in pantry. I’m not entirely sure where the fear stems from, but being in enclosed spaces scares me like nothing else. I become a nervous wreck whenever something like that happens and I start feeling like I can’t breathe.

This has led to some problems when it comes to tanning. Obviously, I have a pretty crippling fear of getting into a tanning bed, so that’s never been an option for me. Instead, I generally choose to use airbrush tanning systems of some variety, because I can use them without having to be in an enclosed space and terrifying myself.

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7 2013 May

Airbrush Tanning System vs. Tanning Salon

imagesMy sister and I used to go to tanning salons pretty frequently; it was a little bonding experience that we had, as we would always walk to the salon together. We weren’t tanning-obsessed or anything like that, but both of us always liked to make sure that we at least had a nice base tan or something to that effect, because we both look better that way.

Recently, I’ve found that using an airbrush tanning system is a lot more effective, a lot speedier, and a lot less expensive than using tanning beds. You get a much more natural tan than you might think. I always associated spray tans with the color orange, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, unless you go for the really cheap, low quality products.

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2 2013 Apr

Switching Over To Airbrush Tanning

SprayTan2I’ve finally fully made the switch over to spray tanning. I used to be the type of girl who preferred to soak up rays while I was outside, but I keep hearing horror stories about what that can ultimately do to your skin, especially once you start to get older. That was the primary reason that I decided that I needed to make a major change in my tanning choices.

These days, I only do airbrush tanning. It’s nice because you don’t have to wait for the sun to come out to be perfectly tan, not to mention you don’t have to do it all that often and you can never get a sunburn from it. On top of all this, it’s not bad for your skin at all. In fact, many of the spray tan solution I use have chemicals that are great for your skin!

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