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Spray Tanning Solutions Inspired by Melanoma

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) –

“Back in the 80’s, it was ‘how tan and how blonde can you be?!’ ” said Andrea Licata Bernath.

It was that quest that landed Bernath on the other side of our cameras more than two decades later — but let’s start at the beginning.

Bernath was just 29-years-old when she was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma 12 years ago.

“Really when I was first diagnosed I didn’t have a fear. You know, I thought I go to the dermatologist and they could cut it out and I could be on my way,” said Bernath.

But that just wasn’t the case.

Bernath was diagnosed on a Thursday. On the next Monday she had her first surgery. In four and half hours doctors removed 16 percent of the muscle in her back, 42 lymph nodes, and 5 other sites they were concerned about. And she has the scars to prove it.

But she’s not alone.

Nearly 77,000 new cases of melanoma will be diagnosed this year in the US. And this cancer will kill more than 9,000 people.

“Even though I got, I had melanoma, I still wanted to be tan. So I started going to tanning facilities and trying other self tanner. And everything I tried turned me some shade of orange.”

So, Andrea quit her job in sales and marketing for a Fortune 500 company and developed her own product for sunless tanning, Kahuna Bay Spray Tan.

The business started as a retail location but other spas and salons wanted the product. It didn’t take long for Andrea and her business partner Chris to get out of the retail side and go strictly into distribution.

Now they are one of the industry leaders. Their sunless tanning products are used by celebrities, pageants, and network news agencies – and carried in more than 12,000 salons and spas around the world.

“We’ve had people from as far away as Japan come here to this tiny little facility.”

Right now they currently employ 11 people in the Toledo area — including several at the Kahuna Bay Spray Tan franchise retail store, which opened this week in Sylvania, Ohio. It’s an exciting time — but for Andrea it is also deeply personal.

“We get contacted by people who have been diagnosed with melanoma daily. And it’s getting younger and younger. If these kids can be aware. If they can go sunless. Wear their sunscreen. We will do what we can to make them beautiful.”

A Note From Emilie: 

Andrea shared with me this YouTube clip called “Dear 16 Year Old Me.” It is truly exceptional and no matter how old you are, I recommend taking the 5 minutes to watch it. 

Here’s a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4jgUcxMezM


Sunless Spray Tanning in the news

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4 2012 Nov

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3 2012 Oct

Tricky Skin

I spray tanned my best friend the other day.  This is always difficult because her skin is so strange from all the medications she is on.  It’s crazy how things like that can effect your skin! I’ve found a few tricks to helping her get a gorgeous natural looking sunless tan, with the help of one of my favorite spray tanning solutions.

Her skin is on the dryer side, and the medications just cause her to suck the spray tanning solutions right up.  I have her moisturize in the morning, and then I spray tan her later in the evening.  I use an anti aging formula solution,  the aloe base in it really makes a difference in her end result.  Her hands and finger tips are extra dry, and barrier cream doesn’t seem to cut it.  I opted to use Vaseline instead of barrier cream and it really worked!  I’m so glad that after a little trial and error I have found a way to give her beautiful color!

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19 2012 Sep

Spray Tanning Vitiligo

My newest, and most challenging client yet, has vitiligo.  I had never sprayed someone who had vitiligo and was pretty sure that I could create an almost flawless even skin tone for her.  I told her I had never done it before, but that I would definitely give it my best shot!  I picked a spray tanning solution that I thought would closely resemble her natural skin tone, and set forth!

First I sprayed the white areas of her skin.  I did my best to only spray the areas that were affected.  After those areas dried, I did a light, full body spray tan with the same shade of spray tanning solution.  She was so pleased with the results.  She came in the next day to show me how well it turned out.  It was a night and day difference.  She said that she has not ever felt more comfortable with herself than she did with her great new spray tan.  I was ecstatic that I was able to help her in such a way!

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14 2012 Sep

Sunless Tanning and Piercings

One of my regulars came in for her weekly spray tan the other day.  When she stripped down, I had noticed a new addition to her body.  A cute little belly button ring.  I had asked if she always had that and she replied that she had just got it pierced the night before.  Ouch!  I wasn’t too keen on applying a sunless tanning solution when she had this fresh unhealed piercing, but she was insistent on getting her glow.

Piercings don’t typically cause and issue during a spray tan, they can just leave behind little tan lines if you wear them during.  A fresh wound is different though.  I wouldn’t use a sunless tanning solution on anyone with any sort of open wound.  Anything gunked up in there could lead to infection.  I had a brilliant idea though!  I cut out a large sticker in the shape of a star and covered up her piercing and belly button with it.  After the solution dried I removed the sticker.  A perfect little star tan line over her belly button.  It was super cute!  It also kept any tanning solution for irritating her new piercing!


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22 2012 Aug

Spray Tanning Questions

I recently discovered that my spray tan supplier offered phone consultations! I never would have thought to even ask them all the questions I’ve come across!   It seemed the more and more I spray tanned, the more questions I had!

I purchased the phone consultation and set up a time to phone my spray tan supplier.  They were so knowledgeable!  They answered every question I had, and even gave me a few tips I never would have thought of!

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30 2012 Jul

Flawless Elbows

I tend to receive a lot more spray tans now that I have my own mobile spray tanning business.  I’ve always had pretty good skin, but started to notice my elbows were starting to get a little dark from so much spray tan solution!

I must have some dry skin on my elbows.  I waited for my last spray tan to wear off completely, and applied a very thin layer of barrier cream to my elbows before my most recent sunless tanning session. The results were flawless!  Because it was such a thin layer of barrier cream it still allowed some of the spray tan solution to develop there, without being dark and dirty looking!

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25 2012 Jun

Sunless Tanning and Tattoos

I’ve recently had a few clients ask me if spray tan solution can harm their tattoos.  I couldn’t think of any reason as to why it would, seeing as how spray tan only effects the outer most layer of the skin, and tattoos go much deeper… but I did a little research anyway.

The conclusion I came to is No.  No, spray tan solution will not have any effect on your tattoo.  Spray tanning may cause the tattoos to appear darker, as the outer layer of skin is darker, but other than that nothing.  It is however, not such a good idea to receive a spray tan if you have a fresh tattoo.  You want to let it heal at least 2 weeks before sunless tanning, to help reduce any chance of infection.

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22 2011 Dec

Cleanliness is Key

It seems like every month there is some story on the news about a salon that has infected clients with nasty diseases because of unclean supplies. When you are in the beauty business cleanliness is key! I run my own salon and I make sure that every inch of the place is cleaned thoroughly, every day. I don’t want my customers to ever feel uncomfortable.

The airbrush tanning supplies in particular are cleaned on a regular basis. If a staff member has a messy station or hasn’t cleaned out their tanning tools properly, they are fired immediately. Clients appreciate this zero tolerance policy. They know that their health will never be compromised in my salon.

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15 2011 Mar

2011 MaxiMist PRO Spray Tanning System Machine

The all new 2011 MaxiMist PRO Spray Tanning Machine is no joke!  Look no further, you won’t find any other HVLP spray Tanning system anywhere that has been completely designed for just that purpose, the application of Sunless Spray Tanning Solutions. Everything about the MaxiMist PRO unit has redesigned for one purpose, which is to provide an absolute perfect full body Spray Tan, every time in under 3 minutes, using the least amount of spray tanning solution…….(Normally 2 oz. or less).
The MaxiMist PRO  Spray Tanning system is so user friendly anyone can master the application in only a few sessions. It’s just that good, and just that simple. The MaxiMist PRO system is perfect for salon use, as well as, a lightweight compact mobile system all in one package. No need to have different spray tanning machines for different purposes.  Many professional airbrush spray tan training courses offer training with this machine because of  it’s easy operation. We recommend the MaxiMist PRO  spray tanning machine for professional use.
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