10 2013 Oct

Tips on How to Start a Tanning Salon Business

bizpart2For tanning enthusiasts, it sounds like a dream come true to get to open and operate your own tanning salon. Not only do you get unlimited tanning, but you get to sell products while talking to customers who enjoy one of your favorite pastimes. When it comes to making a career, it’s important to find what you love and learn how to profit off of it. Starting your own small business might be the answer.

Before looking into how to start a tanning salon business, start visiting tanning salons that already exist. Making a mental list of what you like and don’t like is a great starting point in figuring out what you should or shouldn’t include in your own business. Whether you decide to open independently or with a franchise, having a business plan including location and financial backing is a key step.

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24 2013 May

The Kids Are Grown, Time To Start A Tanning Business

guido-tanMy kids have reached high school age where I don’t really have to spend as much time taking care of them as I once used to. They are old enough to cook their own meals and do their own laundry and they spend a lot of time in their rooms or out with friends. Since I’ve been a full-time housewife and mom for years, their new independence has left me a little bit bored.

I’ve been mulling over my options of what to do and I think that starting my own business is the obvious answer to my boredom. I’ve always wanted to start a tanning business in some form because I love tanning. Mobile tanning is starting to be the new hot thing, so I think that I will most likely start up a business that is something like that.

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15 2013 Feb

Spray Tanning Solutions Inspired by Melanoma

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) –

“Back in the 80’s, it was ‘how tan and how blonde can you be?!’ ” said Andrea Licata Bernath.

It was that quest that landed Bernath on the other side of our cameras more than two decades later — but let’s start at the beginning.

Bernath was just 29-years-old when she was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma 12 years ago.

“Really when I was first diagnosed I didn’t have a fear. You know, I thought I go to the dermatologist and they could cut it out and I could be on my way,” said Bernath.

But that just wasn’t the case.

Bernath was diagnosed on a Thursday. On the next Monday she had her first surgery. In four and half hours doctors removed 16 percent of the muscle in her back, 42 lymph nodes, and 5 other sites they were concerned about. And she has the scars to prove it.

But she’s not alone.

Nearly 77,000 new cases of melanoma will be diagnosed this year in the US. And this cancer will kill more than 9,000 people.

“Even though I got, I had melanoma, I still wanted to be tan. So I started going to tanning facilities and trying other self tanner. And everything I tried turned me some shade of orange.”

So, Andrea quit her job in sales and marketing for a Fortune 500 company and developed her own product for sunless tanning, Kahuna Bay Spray Tan.

The business started as a retail location but other spas and salons wanted the product. It didn’t take long for Andrea and her business partner Chris to get out of the retail side and go strictly into distribution.

Now they are one of the industry leaders. Their sunless tanning products are used by celebrities, pageants, and network news agencies – and carried in more than 12,000 salons and spas around the world.

“We’ve had people from as far away as Japan come here to this tiny little facility.”

Right now they currently employ 11 people in the Toledo area — including several at the Kahuna Bay Spray Tan franchise retail store, which opened this week in Sylvania, Ohio. It’s an exciting time — but for Andrea it is also deeply personal.

“We get contacted by people who have been diagnosed with melanoma daily. And it’s getting younger and younger. If these kids can be aware. If they can go sunless. Wear their sunscreen. We will do what we can to make them beautiful.”

A Note From Emilie: 

Andrea shared with me this YouTube clip called “Dear 16 Year Old Me.” It is truly exceptional and no matter how old you are, I recommend taking the 5 minutes to watch it. 

Here’s a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4jgUcxMezM


Sunless Spray Tanning in the news

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12 2013 Jan

Toledo Ohio Spray Tan & Airbrush Tanning Salon

So what makes Kahuna Bay Spray Tan different? Every. Single. Thing. When you come to Kahuna Bay Spray Tan , you are not treated like you are just another transaction–we take our time with every single client and truly get to know each and every person that comes to visit us. We care about the experience you have with us and do whatever it takes to make our clients happy.

As one of the leaders in the sunless tanning industry – Kahuna Bay Spray Tan, LLC has trained professional sunless tanning technicians for salons, spas, hotels, pageants, celebrity events and competitions worldwide. And Kahuna Bay Tan Products have been used and featured on ESPN Correspondents, in the Miss and Mrs. America Pageants, National Body Competitions and several other Televised and World Events.

 At Kahuna Bay we only use the most natural ingredients in our sunless tanning products; and offer different types of sunless tanning items from Anti-Aging to Specialty Spray Tan Solutions that were developed to give the skin a smoother healthy glow.

 With a Kahuna Bay Tan distribution center located in Toledo, Ohio; we are very excited to open a retail sunless tanning salon in nearby Sylvania, Ohio. Here clients can have the confidence they are receiving their sunless tan by a trained professional, who will ensure their spray tan is as flawless and natural as it can be.

 At Kahuna Bay Spray Tan our professional sunless spray tan technicians will help you be ready for that special day. Whether it’s your wedding, prom, professional event or you just want to maintain a healthy glow; our sunless professionals will help you look your best. Get your premium sunless tanning services are available in Toledo, Sylvania, Perrysburg, Maumee, Ottawa Hills, Holland, Waterville, Whitehouse, Oregon, Bowling Green, Monclova, Berkey, Oregon, Rossford, Swanton Ohio, Bedford, Temperance, Lambertville, Whiteford, Adrian, Monroe, Blissfield, Ottawa Lake, Michigan areas

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28 2012 Nov

Apollo Sprayer Mini Mist

If you are trying to start up your own mobile spray tanning business, a great place to start is with the Apollo Sprayer Mini Mist! This spray tanning machine is light and compact, but still delivers professional spray tanning results!

The Apollo t100 Mini Mist is very cost effective.  It’s a great spray tanning machine to start your mobile spray tanning business!  This is also a great piece of spray tanning equipment for anyone who wants to save a few bucks by spray tanning at home. If you are looking for a low cost, but professional start up for your business, this is a great machine  for you!

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9 2012 Nov

Over Spray Extraction

When I first started my mobile spray tanning business I did not think I would need an over spray extraction fan. Boy was I wrong!  One spray tanning party without the over spray extraction fan, and I realized how important it actually was to have one! My tent sides were caked with over sprayed sunless tanning solution.

I opted to buy an over spray extraction floor fan.  It fits perfectly in the back opening of my pop up spray tan tent. It really has made such a big difference in the air quality, and my clean up time!  I’m no longer worried about breathing in DHA every day! The fan filters last a while, and they were really easy to replace!

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6 2012 Nov

Spray Tan Start Up

When I started my mobile tanning business I really wasn’t sure what all I needed to get going.  I had done a lot of research, but was still sure there would be something I forgot about!  That’s why I decided to purchase everything I needed for my sunless tanning business in a convenient spray tanning start up kit!

The spray tanning start up kit I bough literally had everything I needed!  It actually had more supplies than I would have thought of, and everything really came in handy.  It not only had great spray tanning equipment and sunless tanning solutions, it even had retail products to sell to my clients!  I made the money back for my kit in the first month my business was open!

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5 2012 Nov

Mobile Spray Tan?

So there’s airbrush tanning, spray booth tanning, tanning beds… blah so many ways to tan!  One you may not have heard of is mobile spray tanning.  So what is it?  It’s essentially exactly what it sounds like.. a spray tan, available on the go, in your home, someone elses home, hotel, office, wherever!

Mobile spray tanning is perfect for those who simply do not have the time to get to a salon for their tan.  It’s also great because you can have your sunless tan right in the privacy of your own home! The spray tanning tech will come in and set up her supplies.  She will even bring a tent to keep over spray from getting in your home.  The whole process takes about 30 min and yields amazing results!!

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4 2012 Nov

“WOW” Customers with The Best Wholesale Spray Tan Solutions and Supplies

The best sunless spray tanning products are being developed by the world’s leading sunless tanning manufactures. Each of the Spray Tanning Supplies and airbrush tanning products provide spray tans that look incredibly all natural, bronze and beautiful. With a sunless tanning lotion or spray tan solution, your customers can achieve the all natural healthy glow they desire without having  to worry about damaging their skin or melanoma.

The best spray tan solutions 2012 with reviews can be found at wholesale prices just by shopping around to find the best spray tanning distributor with the best customer service to support you. Many carry quality spray tanning equipment, machines, airbrush tanning supplies and best airbrush tanning solution from Norvell Tanning  Amber Sun, Kahuna Bay Tan, California Tan to help you and your clients show off a perfectly applied spray tan! Whether your business needs an airbrush tanning solution, spray tanning tents and other mobile spray tanning equipment, or you simply want to start a spray tanning business. Spray tan solution and supplies can be found at wholesale Direct prices and you can find the  wholesale spray tanning supplies you need Like spray tanning disposables, Sticky Feet Disposable Sandals, pH Balancing Spray, spray tanning nose filters, DHA Barrier Cream. Look no further for the perfect brands of top spray tanning solution, like Kahuna Melange, Awaken Anti Aging, Artesian Blend and Norvell amber sun spray tanning solutions, that will keep your customers radiant, moisturized and coming back for more! Once you find wholesale sunless spray tanning products and organic spray tanning solutions for your salon, spa or mobile spray tanning business, you’ll never go back to your old sunless spray tanning distributor.

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15 2012 Sep

Promote Your Business!

So you’ve decided to take your love for sunless tanning to a new level by starting your own spray tanning business!  You have great equipment, and all the supplies you need to start spraying.  There’s only one thing missing… the clients!  You won’t get far in your business if you don’t have customers!  Here are a couple simple, low cost ways to help promote yourself!

Word of mouth works wonders!  You tell someone, who tells someone, who tells someone, who.. well you get the picture! If you know a couple people who are in the public eye(students, waitresses, local celebrities), or who are simply eye catching individuals, give them a free tan and ask them to tell their friends!  Everyone will ask where they got that gorgeous glow, and they will tell them that you are the individual responsible! You can also offer special promotions for clients who refer their friends to your spray tanning business!  Something like one free sunless tanning session for every five people you refer works well. Be sure to give business cards or flyers to the people you spray.  They can hand them to their friends when they ask about their skin!  Facebook is also an excellent free way to network and advertise your new business!

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