29 2010 Sep

Teens Turn to Sunless Tanning

According to new research, about 10% of teens in the US use sunless tanning products. If you’ve ever been to a junior high or high school, this probably comes as no surprise. And while some people may question if teenagers should be using sunless tanning products, in reality they are a much safer alternative to other tanning methods. However, the study also found that teens who use sunless tanning products still frequent tanning beds and are more likely to get burned.

This study highlights the importance of education when it comes to sunless tanning. Although it’s a safe alternative, UV-free way to bronze your skin, it doesn’t protect you from other damage. Tanning beds are still going to be harmful, and if you spend time in the sun, you still need to apply sunscreen.

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27 2010 Sep

Cleaning Your Spray Tanning Supplies

After hours of applying tans, the last thing most people want to do is cleanup their spray tanning supplies. And while this can be a tedious task, it’s necessary in order to keep your gun running smoothly. Begin by pouring any excess tanning solution back into the bottle; much like paint, it keeps better in large quantities. Next, put some warm water in the system and spray it for a few seconds to remove any remaining solution.

Once you have sprayed out all the remnants, empty the water and spray the gun until the entire unit is dry. There are special cleaning products you can use, but they are rarely necessary. Unless you notice a problem with solution sticking in your gun, don’t spend the extra money.

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23 2010 Sep

How to get a WOW sunless spray tan

Sunless spray tan training solution has 0% DHA and is designed for new technicians who would like to practice on either clients or friends without risking poor lasting results. Spray tan training solution has a natural bronze color guide and provides your test client with an instant color that will not last past their first shower. 

Sunless Spray Tan Training Solution is the best way to train with no-risk until you are comfortable spraying with regular spray tanning  solutions. Many new spray tanning technicians use spray tan training solution to practice how to give an incredible tan.

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22 2010 Sep

Get Beautiful Skin without Cancer-Causing Radiation!

Ultraviolet radiation was recently upgraded to the highest cancer risk category, so it’s no surprise that people are looking for alternatives when it comes to tanning. And an extra tanning tax which went into effect a couple of months ago hasn’t encouraged many people to make an appointment at their local tanning salon either. With all of these forces working against those of us who want to be bronzed and beautiful, now is the perfect time to look into sunless tanning.

Advanced airbrush tanning systems let you achieve a rich, even tan without any of the damaging effects of traditional methods. Unlike tanning beds, you can pick the exact shade you want your skin to be. This helps prevent the fake, orange-looking tans we are all so familiar with. If you aren’t sure which tanning solution to use, ask your spray tan professional; but remember to err on the light side your first time.

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20 2010 Sep

Which Spray Tan Solution Should I Use?

If you’re new to the world of sunless tanning—and yes, it is a world all its own—you probably have no idea which spray tan solution to use. The main darkening agent in tanning solutions is DHA. The higher the concentration of DHA, the darker your spray tan will be. The best way to determine the proper spray tan solution is to consult a professional. But if that isn’t an option, you can use these quick guidelines to select your own.

There are four different skin types, with Type I being the lightest and Type IV the darkest. Since the spectrum is so small, you shouldn’t have any trouble determining which one you fall under. Most tanning products are specifically designed for a particular type of skin and will contain an appropriate level of DHA. If you want to create a custom shade, you can augment your solution with DHA drops.

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15 2010 Sep

Preserving Your Spray Tan

Unlike a regular tan that penetrates multiple layers of skin, a spray tan only affects the outermost skin cells. Because of this, your tan will wear off in about a week. The relatively short life span of a spray tan can be a good thing if you only want the added color for a special event, but most people will want to look bronze throughout the year. And the longer your tan lasts, the less time and money you have to spend getting it reapplied.

The first thing you should do is shower, shave and moisture before your tanning session. This will ensure your skin is healthy, smooth and ready to receive the tanning solution. You’ll also want to refrain from any contact with the water for several hours following the application so the solution has an opportunity to set in. Be sure to wear dark, baggy clothes to your tanning session to ensure solution doesn’t stick to or stain your clothing.

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14 2010 Sep

Kahari RAPID Tan Airbrush/Spray Tanning Solution

Brand new 2-4 hour Kahari Rapid Tan Spray Tanning Solution.  This amazing sunless tanning solution allows you to take a shower 2-4 hours after getting a spray tan. The color is amazing, and you will love the long lasting tan. Kahari Rapid Tan Spray Tanning Solution  is a 2-4 hour tan and is the ultimate convenience for those clients on the go. Shower in 2 hours to obtain a light tan , 3 hours for a medium tan , and 4 hours for a dark tan . 

Kahari Rapid Tan Spray Tanning Solution offers potent antioxidant properties, while at the same time soothes and moisturizes the skin.  Kahari Rapid Tan Spray Tanning Solutions have been tested by some of the leading salons and spas and gained international attention. This sunless tanning product is the real deal!

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13 2010 Sep

The Fast Track to Success

When I first decided to start a tanning business eight years ago, there was little information out there to guide me. This meant a lot of trial and error, which inevitably equates to wasted time and money. Now that I’ve been in the industry for a while, I have a firm grasp on not only the proper procedures for tanning, but the “business” side as well.

If you’re just getting into the spray tan business, you’re lucky. You don’t have to go through a challenging process of trial and error to determine the best way to run your business. The internet is flooded with information on every aspect of the tanning industry—from how to retain clients, to which solution is best for a particular type of skin. There are even classes you can take which will walk you through every facet of owning and operating a tanning business.

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10 2010 Sep

Selecting Your Spray Tanning Equipment

If you are just starting out in the spray tan industry, airbrush tanning equipment is the best option when it comes to selecting an applicator. As opposed to turbine systems, airbrush tanners offer several options during tanning, reach awkward areas with ease, and can be effortlessly controlled by any spray tan artist. They are also more affordable than their turbine counterparts are and can get the job done in a fraction of the time. There are two options of airbrush tanners: handheld units and airbrush guns. The handheld units will need to be tested and adjusted before applying any solution to ensure a proper flow. Airbrush guns are connected directly to a compressor on the ground and will also need some tuning prior to use.

But turbine equipment does have its advantages. Although airbrush tanning equipment is simple enough to set up, a turbine system will be up and running in less time. And since there is only one spray gun option, you won’t have to worry about adjusting any settings prior to starting. There is a tradeoff, of course, as you have less freedom is fine tune the equipment.

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8 2010 Sep

Keeping Your Summertime Tan

Now that Labor Day is behind us, shorter days and rain clouds are on the horizon. The fall season certainly has its benefits, but preserving your tan isn’t one of them. For those who don’t live in the desert, keeping bronzed skin through the autumn and winter months is virtually impossible without some form of sunless tanning.

We all know the inherent risks of tanning booths and UV radiation, so unless you want to heighten your risk of melanoma exponentially, that solution is out of the question. The safest, easiest and most affordable option is to get a spray on tan. An airbrush tanning system is a precision piece of equipment that allows the artist freedom to shade and contour your tan for a flawless appearance. Tanning solution is available in several shades to complement any skin tone.

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