28 2011 Oct

More Questions Answered

In continuing the blog post from the other day, here are a few more answers to common questions. Let’s start off with, “I don’t tan naturally. Am I going to look like an oompa-loompa if I get a spray tan?” In my experience as a fair tanned person, the answer is no. With the proper formula and a great technician, even people who never tan can get a fantastic, natural looking glow.

The few men I know who get spray tans have asked me privately about how to handle bald spots. In my opinion, if your hair is thinning, then it’s best not to use a shower cap while getting a spray tan. The solution will color the skin on your head without discoloring your hair. The solution will wash right out and you’ll be left with a good looking tan all over.

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26 2011 Oct

Answers to Common Spray On Tan Questions

I’ve been using spray on tans for quite a while now to achieve a healthy glow. As a result, many of my friends consult with me before going to get a tan of their own. One common question I’m often asked is, “Will a spray on tan protect me from the sun?” The answer is unequivocally no! A spray on tan will give you a lovely glow, but you still need to put on sunscreen before spending a day at the beach.

Another common question I hear is, “Is DHA safe?” The answer is yes. DHA is FDA approved, but it doesn’t hurt to read the ingredient list on the spray on tan solution, particularly if you have any allergies or skin sensitivities.

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20 2011 Oct

Grabbing a Piece of the Pie

When spray tanning caught on several years ago, all of the girls in my town flocked to the salon the next town over before any big occasion; Homecoming, Winter Formal, Prom, etc. It amazed me how much they were willing to spend on getting ready for these events. Then it dawned on me: why not cash in on this opportunity?

I took a course on how to become a spray tan technician, got my license, and bought up spray tanning equipment, including a mobile tanning booth. I advertised my services and discounts in the weeks leading up to these major high school events. I was profitable in no time! The girls saved time and money by getting tanned in their own home then traveling to the next town over.

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18 2011 Oct

Thanksgiving Break

I attend school far away from my immediate family, which makes it difficult (and expensive) to go home for Thanksgiving Day weekend. Fortunately, my best friend’s family has taken me in the past couple of years. They are such a warm, inviting family that I always feel right at home.

To thank my friend and her family for their kindness, I’ve arranged to have a mobile sunless tanning technician come to their house on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I know that my friend and her mom love to get spray tans, so I thought this would be a nice gesture. I should probably mention that this technician is one they’ve used before with fantastic results. *Fingers crossed* that they like it!

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13 2011 Oct

Going Mobile

Remember the friend I blogged about earlier this week? I got a phone call from her last night saying that she had taken my words to heart and started investigating what it takes to start a spray tan business. Right now she doesn’t have the money to rent salon space, but she thought of another option: mobile spray tanning.

The overhead for a mobile spray tanning business is much lower. She would need to invest in a spray tanning tent, quality equipment, and a good solution. By not forking over thousands of dollars every month for rent and by not having a huge staff to pay, she can turn a profit must faster. Plus, I’m willing to bet that clients will like the concierge service and she might even garner more business from people who feel more comfortable stripping down in their own homes.

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11 2011 Oct

Starting a Spray Tan Business

This past weekend I grabbed lunch with a good friend of mine. Even though summer is now behind us, she still has an amazing, natural looking tan. Of course, I had to ask what her secret is and she replied that she has been giving herself a spray tan every couple of weeks.

I told her how incredible that was and that she should think about going into business. Sunshine isn’t exactly in abundance where we live, so she could make a tidy profit with a . We started bouncing around possibilities and she resolved to look into how to start a tanning salon business.

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6 2011 Oct

What is a HVLP Tanning System?

At the tanning salon you’ve probably heard or seen HVLP, but didn’t know what it stood for. HVLP simply means high-volume low-pressure. HVLP airbrush tanning systems have an airbrush that holds high volume sunless tanning solution that is powered by a low-pressure air compressor. A 1/8 hp motor, moisture filter, pressure gauge, and airflow adjustment knob make up the compressor.

Most HVLP airbrush tanning systems use dual action airbrushes. One type is a gravity-feed airbrush that keeps the tanning solution reservoir on the side or top. The second is a suction-feed airbrush that pulls tanning solution upward. Overall, HVLP systems tend to give even, overall coverage.

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4 2011 Oct

Mom to the Rescue

This past weekend was Homecoming at my daughter’s high school. Following the big football game, there is a school-wide Homecoming dance. My daughter saved up her own babysitting money to purchase the dress that she wanted; a beautiful purple halter top gown.

Unfortunately, she had some stubborn tan lines from spending the summer outdoors. When she tried on her dress the day before the dance she freaked out when she saw how prominent the tan lines were. Thankfully, I was able to book an appointment for her at a local salon that has a fabulous airbrush tanning system. The technician was able to cover up the tan lines and even out her skin so she looked flawless at the dance.

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