15 2011 Nov

Voted Best Spray Tanning Training Course in Toledo, Ohio

Airbrush Spray Tanning Training Courses are the best way to learn how to be the best at spraying sunless tanning solutions.  A  Airbrush Spray Tanning Training Certification Course will train you the basics and the tricks to help you speed up your learning curve!

Sunless Spray Tanning has become an essential service in many salons and for mobile spray tanning Companies, with increasing awareness of the dangers of sun-beds and sun-bathing  Airbrush Spray Tanning Training Certification Courses are now in high demand in the U.S.A.

Airbrush Spray Tanning Training Certification Courses can  offer different levels of certification training depending on the level of expertise desired; and the number of people being trained. Individual or small group spray tan training is available at the Kahuna Bay Tan, and  Artesian Tan Warehouse in Toledo, Ohio. Additional training is also offered during regional trade shows throughout the year. They also offer live online spray tan training courses and have many professionally trained spray tan trainers throughout the U.S.A.

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16 2011 Mar

A Winter Spray Tanning Solution

It’s probably been months since your skin has enjoyed any sunlight. What’s a girl to do during the gray and dreary winter months? Most tanning enthusiasts aren’t as fortunate as the Sunshine State citizens who get to soak up the glowing Florida rays year-round. But there is a solution to such a debacle that allows all sun seekers to obtain the rich, caramel coloring they desire without the sun’s presence.

Spray tanning is a celebrated alternative to sun tanning as it allows sun worshipers to gain the sun-kissed glow they desire without every stepping foot in the sun. Mobile spray tanning is another fabulous resource for tanning enthusiasts as it delivers the same great services of a spray tanning salon without the hassle of getting there. This method is ideal for tanners who wish to dodge venturing out into the gray and dreary weather during those oh-so-cold months of winter.

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8 2010 Dec

Not All Tanning Solutions are Created Equal

With the litany of options available to us it’s already tough enough to decide which product we’re going to use when applying our spray tan. So many of the solutions claim to have unique features and effects but very few of them seem able to offer all of our favorite aspects in one easy-to-use product. As a result, we can see that a lot of the options, despite their price tag just don’t offer the quality we require when looking for a quality solution.

Tanning solution doesn’t have to be a puzzle though. The best way to decide which is right for you is first to consider your needs. What type of tan do you want? What sort of pigmentation are you looking for? How long do you want it to last? How long do you want to keep the solution on your skin? All of these questions and more are critical to finding satisfaction with your tan. With so many options there should be something for everyone. Just do your shopping intelligently and you can’t go wrong!

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23 2010 Sep

How to get a WOW sunless spray tan

Sunless spray tan training solution has 0% DHA and is designed for new technicians who would like to practice on either clients or friends without risking poor lasting results. Spray tan training solution has a natural bronze color guide and provides your test client with an instant color that will not last past their first shower. 

Sunless Spray Tan Training Solution is the best way to train with no-risk until you are comfortable spraying with regular spray tanning  solutions. Many new spray tanning technicians use spray tan training solution to practice how to give an incredible tan.

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27 2009 Aug

Professional Spray Tan Training

crystal_tanOver the past five years, we’ve watched sunless tanning position itself for explosive growth. While salons and spas offer sunless spray tanning as a new service to existing clients looking to enhance their traditional tanning sessions. Sunless Spray Tanning has the potential to expand the tanning and day spa populous with new customers who either cannot or choose not to get a traditional UV tan. Most salons and spas have been professionally trained by companies like Artesian Tan for Spray tan training to understand and learn the business!

The concept of sunless tanning has come a long way since its introduction to the general public in the 1960s. Today, sunless products can be found everywhere from indoor tanning salons and day spas to department stores and drug stores. Professional mobile spray tanning companies, salons and spas have the ability to offer superior tanning services at high profits.

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