18 2012 Jun

Spray Tan Aftercare

About four days since my last spray tan and my skin is still looking great! This is all thanks to the great spray tan extender I purchased.  If you want your tan to last you have to take the right steps to take care of it!

I always am sure to use a body wash designed for DHA tanning.  This reduces the chance of your soap removing the spray tan. Then I moisturize with my favorite sunless tan extender.  It has a little bit of DHA in it which keeps my tan looking fresh.  Smells great too!

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17 2012 May

Tan Maintenance Supplies

The last time I went into the local spray tanning salon, I had an incredibly enlightening conversation with the technician. She gave me all sorts of helpful prep tips and maintenance tips. As it was too late to take advantage of the prep tips during the appointment, I resolved to give her maintenance tips a go.

For instance, she told me that maintenance lotions are just as important as the spray tanning supplies that she uses. She recommended avoiding the shower for at least 24 hours after the appointment (much like when you get a perm). Then she recommended a tan extender and lotion that has done wonders to keep my skin moisturized.

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1 2012 Mar

Tans and Scars

Scars can be tricky to cover. Recent scars in particular are unlikely to absorb much of any sunless tanning products. The older a scar is the more faded it becomes, and thus easier to blend in with the rest of a fake tan.

For those of you who feel self conscious of scar lines, there are a few tricks you can use for extra coverage. Personally, bronzer has become my best friend. The day after a tan is usually when I’m able to best gauge the color. I then pick out a corresponding bronzer and apply it gently to a scar and the surrounding area. I add the bronzer on in layers until the scar is completely blended in with the rest of my sunless tanned skin.

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23 2012 Feb

DHA and Tyrosine

As popular as sunless tanning has become, not everyone knows about the active ingredients in sunless tan solutions. The first basic ingredient is called Dihodroxyacetone, commonly referred to as DHA. It is a colorless sugar that reacts to dead skin cells in the top layer of skin. The reaction causes the cells to take on an orange hue.

Tyrosine, another basic ingredient, is an amino acid. This amino acid increases the production of melanin in the skin, thus accelerating the effects of sunless tanning lotions and sprays. Dead skin cells remain on the body for about a week before naturally falling off. If you want to remove or fade a tan more quickly, use a mild exfoliant a day or two after tanning

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21 2012 Feb

T-Minus Three Months

Walking back from lunch today I had a conversation with another lunchtime walker about the weather. “This morning,” he said, “it was snowing a bit when I left the house.” (It was only drizzling and cold by the time we met up). I replied that after last month’s snow that blocked roads for days, I would prefer to put up with the rain and wind.

Secretly, I was thinking to myself, “T-minus three months until the pool opens!” I live at my apartment complex’s pool during the summer months. During the rest of the year I can swim indoors at the local health club, but swimming outdoors in the sun is a better experience. Each year I celebrate the start of a new summer swim season by treating myself to a spray tan using a mostly organic sunless tan solution.

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16 2011 Jun

Getting Rid of Tanning Streaks

There is a learning curve to applying sunless tanner at home. If you make a mistake and wind up with excess tanner or notice several streaks, there are methods to removing sunless tanner. It is important to only try one of the following methods at a time. If one method doesn’t work, let your skin rest before trying another.

One method for removing sunless tanning streaks is by smoothing baby oil into your skin and letting it sit for 30 minutes. Take a hot bath and exfoliate with a washcloth. If your skin is sensitive to break outs, try another method as baby oil can clog pores. Try, for instance, applying white vinegar to streaks. Let the vinegar sit for a few minutes and then wipe away the excess tanner. Another home remedy involves rubbing a sliced lemon on the area of your skin where tanner needs to be removed.

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8 2011 Mar

Jersey Shore Says No to Sun Tanning

After a recent tanning intervention by the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Senior Vice President, Dr. Deborah S. Sarnoff, the cast of the widely popular reality TV show “Jersey Shore” has made a public statement that they will no longer partake in sun tanning. A smart move by the by Skin Cancer Foundation, Sarnoff was able to reach out to these reality TV celebrities who seem to influence the actions and desires of thousands of kids, teens and young adults nationwide.

Sarnoff spoke of the many dangers of sun tanning and offered a sunless tanning solution to the group – spray tanning. This safer alternative does not pose the risk of skin cancer like the many forms of regular sun tanning. The “Jersey Shore” cast has officially made the switch to spray tanning, which will hopefully encourage their fans to follow suit.

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12 2011 Jan

No More Being Mistaken for Casper

My natural skin tone is so pale that my friends often tease me that I look like Casper the friendly ghost. Their ribbing is all in good fun, but there is some truth to what they say. My skin is so white that the sun reflects off my legs whenever I wear shorts. I was growing tired of looking like a ghost, particularly in shorts and swimsuits, so I decided to give sunless tanning a try.

I know that spray tanning is a great option, but since I don’t regularly tan I didn’t want to have such a startling transformation. I decided I wanted to try a gradual sunless tanning lotion. I simply applied the lotion each night after I showered and the next morning my skin tone was slightly darker. I kept up the routine for about a week until I achieved a very natural looking tan. I would recommend tanning lotions for anyone who wants to achieve a natural looking glow gradually.

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6 2010 Oct

Tan and Moisturized

These days everybody wants dark, healthy looking skin. But while a tan may look good from a distance, exposure to UV radiation will dry out the skin and expedite the aging process. Traditionally, this has meant that we either have to choose rich and bronzed or smooth and supple. Thanks to sunless tanning lotion, these two qualities are no longer mutually exclusive.

Sunless tanning lotion utilizes DHA—the same chemical used in tanning solution—to naturally darken your skin. Not only will this give you color without exposure to UV rays, you’ll also be receiving the benefit of the natural moisturizers and skin firming agents in the lotion. And unlike many other sunless tanning products, the sunless tanning lotion is infused with extracts to eliminate any off-putting odors.

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25 2010 Aug

Caring for Your Spray Tanning Supplies

Once you’re done applying your spray tans for the day, it’s important to clean your spray tanning supplies to keep them operating to their full capabilities. Begin by pouring any leftover tanning solution back into the container, which will help keep it preserved. Then put some warm water through the system, which will prevent any excess solution from drying in the applicator.

After all of the solution is removed, empty the water and spray the unit again to get rid of any excess liquid. There are cleaners available, but since DHA is water-based, they really aren’t necessary. If you notice solution drying in your equipment it’s probably wise to purchase the cleaner; otherwise, simply clean the unit after each use.

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